The Big List

It’s time to make a list.

I’m making a list of all of the public history (and more broadly public humanities) moments on Gilmore Girls and I need your help because there’s seven seasons and a Netflix original and the dialogue is, well, dense. Also, you will probably catch stuff that I don’t.

3oft5t39ou0gkcuu9qSo everyone take fastidious notes and then holler in the general direction of Philadelphia.


No, you’re right, Michel, that makes no sense. Ok, let’s use this Google Form instead:


Rory, you have the power to put her on the list. And when you have, you can see the results right here:

And when you see something you want to write about, head over to to see how to pitch it to us!

Thanks in advance!


[All GIFs copyright WB/CW via GIPHY]


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