We are a group of History graduate students with a love of both public history and Gilmore Girls. We plan to catalogue all public history references in Gilmore Girls, as well as write about those that we find most compelling. Stay tuned for more about our project.


Holly Genovese is a Ph.D student in history and gender and sexuality studies at Temple University. She is the Contributing Editor at Auntiebellum Magazine and a guest blogger at the USIH blog. She has written for Scalawag Magazine, the Establishment, and Auntiebellum. Her interests are in public history, race and incarceration, and the Urban South. She has been a Jess Mariano fangirl since middle school (and has a ppt presentation circa 2004 to prove it).

Ted Maust is a public history Master’s student at Temple University. He’s written over at AnabaptistHistorians.org, and the sadly dormant Mama Congo blog. In addition to history, Ted cares too much about the travails of Tottenham Hotspur and where to get a good donut. Firmly #TeamJess.

Ariel Natalo-Lifton is a Ph.D. student in 20th century U.S. military history at Temple University, focusing on women and gender in the military. She has a BA in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Women’s History and an MA in History with a certificate in WGS. Ariel believes that Rory really needs to spend some time being single so she can figure things out for herself, but is very happy that Luke and Lorelai finally got their acts together.